Wednesday, November 7, 2007

And the results of the SC election:

Stephanie Weaver, who worked hard on this campaign, set the pace with 2,538 votes.

Menin, who won re-election for a four year term, garnered 2,371 votes; that will make ten consecutive years on the School Committee with no time off for good behaviour; not that Menin knows what good behaviour is.

Nick deKanter will occupy the third seat, finishing with 1,742 votes.

Worth noting is that there were 5,675 blanks; which would indicate a lot of "bullet voting," where you vote for only one or two candidates, or none at all. This occurred most heavily in Ward 2, Ward 4 and Ward 6. More analysis on this tmrw; I will also put in a little time redesigning the page.

I will continue to blog about educational issues and Newburyport Schools over the next four years.

Thanks, voters, thanks.



Anonymous said...

Fabulous - 4 more years of your verbose, pompous, delusional, and self-congratulatory ramblings.

Anonymous said...


The community--the kids--are getting to keep the best advocate they could have on the School Committee.

Keep up the good work!


Bruce Menin said...

Yeah, I know I'm breaking my own rules about not publishing comments that are personally insulting. But I reserve the right to publish persona comments that are left anonymously; for the purpose of using them as "teachable moments".

Anonymous #1-- I prefer prolixic to verbose, it allows me to claim credit for using bigger words as opposed to just merely being long-winded.

Oh, and along the lines of being self-congratulatory, let me commend myself for always having enough confidence in my convictions to make sure people know I am the one saying them; anonymity is the first refuge of those who fear sunlight.

If it helps soothe your ruffled feathers, name the time and place,public or private (just not in the middle of a school committee meeting, 'cos we have work to do) and you can say these things to my face. We can even set it up as a public debate; since your issue is with me, and not the School Committee; I won't have to make the disclaimer that my views represent only my own.

In fact, let's bring our kids, so they can see the difference between someone who is willing to publicly state their principles and beliefs, and someone who uses the cool darkness of anonymity to make personal attacks. It would be very instructive for them.

You have to promise not to wear a hood, though.

Hmmm. That certainly brought out the Bronx in me.

Well, I do want readers of the blog to know that the only comments I have actually not been publishing have been the anonymous, supportive ones.

I would not want word to get around town that there are actually people who agree with me, or disagree with me on one or two issues, but have come to expect and respect my willingness to ask difficult questions and take difficult stands on issues. That would complicate my perceived role as community nerplehead, so obviously important to anonymous #1.

You have no idea how hard it is to balance verbosity, pomposity, manage my delusions and continue to generate new self-congratulatory ramblings when the SC meets only twice a month. Maybe I need to get on more Committees. Yeah, that's the ticket!

If we ever meet on the street, Anonymous #1, I have a very long and complicated story to tell you about how I skillfully, masterfully slew two dragons with a fingernail clipper and a tube of toothpaste, with one hand tied behind my back and the other holding a rabid Chihuahua pup in the other. I did a great, terrific, masterful job of it, if I do say so myself. And I do.

Looking forward to getting together.

Bruce Menin said...

Y'know, it is entirely possible that Tom Ryan, whose welcome appearance in Newburyport on election day made it really seem like election day is the poster I described as Anonymous #1.

If that is the case, please accept my Emily Littela "Never Mind."

Tom knows me pretty well.

Never mind.

But if the poster isn't Mr. Ryan, who managed to be a teacher, mentor and critic to me all at the same time, I'm still waiting for you to pick the time and place.