Monday, November 12, 2007

Show me the money

Summary Paragraph: It's all a matter of priorities.

Whether you are for or agin' our efforts in Iraq, you have to appreciate that about .10% of all the money that has been spent there by the United States and cannot be accounted for would restore all of the education programs cut by Newburyport in the past six years, and enable the School system to expand offerings at every level.

You might find this piece from Boston.Com instructive.

To paraphrase one of my favorite groups, Bare Naked Ladies, we'll call it "If I Had $611 Billion Dollars"

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Anonymous said...

It's never been about a lack of resources---although we should all recognize by now that there are not unlimited resources and we do need to conserve them.

It's always been about the power to allocate resources--who has that power and their priorities--how they choose to allocate those resources--and the resulting unequal burdens and benefits on different members of the community.

Unfortunately, only when there is a real change in the power balance, will the allocation of resources change--and the benefits and burdens be more justly distributed.

And it's all interconnected--the local, regional and national economy are all linked--but we have to start somewhere--and locally is as good a place as any.